Sola Fida Sola Gratia

by Satellite



released February 20, 2011



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Satellite Christchurch, New Zealand

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Track Name: Melodies
Melodies are ringing,
God's the King
All of creation says it to me
I hear the voices on the breeze
I hear the wind whisper

Holy, holy, holy, holy

All the earth will praise you
In endless joy
All people with one voice
Sing our God
Our God
Track Name: To Live
We see streets of gold
We see a reign of peace
Living water flow
Freedom in the streets
I see the coming king
I see the risen lord
I bow down
I tremble
My hope is in Christ
So my time and my life
Everything I hold dear
I give to you
My life is not my own
So my friends and my home
Everything I own
I give to you

To live is Christ
To die is gain
I give my life
To live for the glory of your name
Track Name: Isaiah 58
Hear: This is what it means to worship
Break the chains set people free
Got food? Share your bread with the hungry
Love in action, a new society

Is this not the fast I have chosen
Clothe the naked demand no fee
Now share your homes with the homeless
Go on show what you believe

Then your light
Will break forth like the dawn
Then the glory of the Lord
will appear
He will answer when you call
A shelter from the storm
Track Name: Not of This World
The world is full of evil things
I don't want a be, no no no
I'll show Your love in all I do
To work against it

I'm not of this world
'cos You have saved me
I'm not of this world
So let it hate me
I'm not of this world
'cos You have saved me

And I will live
Track Name: Let Freedom Ring
How long will the poor go hungry
How long will the rich stay lonely
How long will the world go on fighting
In the name of the Lord

Let freedom ring
Let the streets cry out freedom
Bring the revolution
Your kingdom come
Let freedom ring

How long, how long, how long
How long, how long
In the name of the Lord
Track Name: Who Are You?
Who are you who stands with the poor
And loves all broken hearted people

Your justice rules and your mercy heals
You're all our world needs as always

Jesus, Jesus
Jesus my Saviour Lord and King
Track Name: Holding On
All I want is to believe in you
All I've seen makes me believe in you

If you want me to go
If you want me to stay
All I need to know
Is enough for today

Holding on to you tightly
Holding on to you tightly
Nothing else completes,
all my might-be-s
And this just might be,
my last day here

Everything is complete in you
And all I know is a waste without you

Hold on, hold on
Hold on, hold on
Track Name: Rise in Me
I've lost my way I have to say
The night is dark in this soul of mine
Have you turned your face away from me?
Please hear this cry, calling out your name.

My God, why have you forsaken me?
Have you left me here to die alone?

Rise in me
Track Name: Hey
Hey! Have you seen the light
So bright
Shining just for you, in your life
Shining just for you, for you

I want you to know
I want you to see
I want you to be

Never alone
Just pick up the phone
And talk and talk and talk
To me